Dreams, Faith and PPD

“Your dreams are the compass that guides you towards your true north. Follow them with unwavering faith and determination, and you will discover a path that leads to a life of purpose and fulfillment.”

I had a friend tell me this week that I genuinely look happy and that they recognize and supported me from the completely different place I was a year ago. Refocusing on my goals, not letting negative influences dictate what my life should be and asking for help are the driving factors behind my happiness.

I have always been the type of person who was very goal oriented and wrote out road maps of how I would reach my goals and not let anything or anyone get in the way. It was really for the first time last year I came across a time where I felt like I had lost that 'control’. It wasn’t long after our third child was born. But how could that be a contributing cause of anxiety and unhappiness? Babies are a miracle from God, I had our first baby while Josh and I were both completing our PhDs, writing dissertations and defending, and welcomed our second child while we were making the transition from grad school into a career path and launching our ranch business. How could NOW be filled with more anxiety and unknowns? Well I’m not sure either.

I had - and still have- big dreams. But for some reason this new adjustment just hit differently.

One of the most common challenges that new mothers face is postpartum depression (PPD)/anxiety. It is a condition that affects millions of women every year (yet rarely talked about), and it can be a difficult obstacle to overcome. However, with faith and determination, it is possible to overcome this condition and pursue your dreams.

Dreams are the desires of our hearts. They are the things that we hope for, aspire to, and work towards. Dreams give us a sense of purpose and direction in life. They are the things that keep us motivated and focused, even in the face of adversity. When we become mothers, our dreams may change or evolve, but they are still an essential part of who we are. It is important to hold onto our dreams and to continue pursuing them, even in the midst of PPD.

Faith is a powerful force that can help us overcome any obstacle. It is the belief that there is a greater purpose and meaning to our lives. It gives us the strength to persevere through difficult times and to trust that things will get better. When we have faith, we know that we are not alone in our struggles. We have a higher power that is guiding us and helping us every step of the way.

Postpartum depression is a serious condition that requires professional help and support. It can be a difficult journey, but with faith and determination, it is possible to overcome it. Here are some tips that can help you on your journey:

  1. Seek Help: Reach out to a mental health professional who can help you with your symptoms. You don't have to go through this alone.

  2. Practice Self-Care: Take care of yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Get enough rest, eat healthy foods, exercise, and take time to do things that bring you joy.

  3. Connect with Others: Connect with other mothers who may be going through similar experiences. Join a support group or online community where you can share your thoughts and feelings.

  4. Set Goals: Set small, achievable goals for yourself that can help you feel a sense of accomplishment. Celebrate your successes, no matter how small they may be.

Overcoming postpartum depression is a journey that requires courage, faith, and determination. It is not an easy road, but with the right support and mindset, it is possible to overcome it and pursue your dreams. Remember to hold onto your dreams, have faith in yourself, and seek help when you need it. You are not alone on this journey, and there is hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Happy Ranching,

Beef Dr Sarah 

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