Livestock On Our Side - with Josh & Sarah Ison

Can we grow up, get a good education, find a job, start a family and still raise livestock? More and more are doing just that. While attention is focused on how old the average farmer is, there is a movement a foot with more young people finding a way to supplement there post education careers with raising livestock on the side.  Sarah and Josh Ison are pursuing that journey from their home in the Ohio River Valley.  Separately they discovered that they loved animals from their beginnings with 4-H projects and years later after each achieved PhD\’s from Texas Tech they returned to their home country where they are producing angus cattle for their CincyBeef enterprise–supplementing their scientific careers. Beyond their off farm work, there are cattle chores to do (with their kids) and weekends at Farmers Markets. Farm To Table Talk covers their journey, their hopes and their advice for other young families who share the dream of raising livestock on the side.

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