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There are a lot of new faces, locally and across the country, who have been following along with our daily ranch happenings and it feels like it’s time to reintroduce ourselves because a lot continues to change since we started this journey 8 years ago.

I am rancher Sarah and along with my husband, Josh, and kiddos Thea (8), Deklan (6) and Gannon (almost 2), we pasture raise Angus cattle, heritage Berkshire pigs, chicken and Navajo Churro sheep just 35 minutes east of Cincinnati, Ohio. Josh and I have shared a crazy love for raising animals from a young age which led us both to doctorate degrees in Animal Science in pre-harvest food safety and epidemiology. 

We started Flourish & Roam in 2016 after completing our PhDs at Texas Tech University and deciding that our next move was to Ohio and raise our kids near our families on the farm. At that time we decided we wanted to provide high-quality, delicious, naturally raised beef to local consumers. Since that first year we have added pork, chicken and grass-fed lamb to customers across the country.

In May of 2021 I became a full-time rancher and stepped away from multiple off-farm jobs including teaching microbiology full-time at a local university. Josh worked full-time off the farm with a biotechnology company focusing on feeding probiotics (healthy gut bacteria) to poultry, cattle and in aquaculture systems around the world. His work helps improve water quality, animal health, and reduce the use of antibiotics in animals. The latter is mainly focused in countries outside of the United States who do not have the oversight and standards that we have here in the U.S. In June of 2023 Josh stepped full-time onto the farm business. Not necessarily by choice but we always believe God has bigger plans than we do and knew this is where he needed to be.

Thank you for following along as we share our love for raising animals, being good stewards of the land and providing high-quality protein from our family farm to your families table.


Beef Dr. Sarah

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