Half Beef Share

Flourish & Roam

Stock your freezer with premium beef that has been dry-aged for exceptional flavor and tenderness. This 1/2 beef share will stock your freezer with delicious, nutrient dense beef allowing you to enjoy having your own "freezer" section right at home, making meal planning a breeze!

Savings of $940+

Helping families eat confidently with our local pasture raised beef is our passion. We would love to serve you and become the ranch you choose to build a relationship with!

Hormone, GMO, and Antibiotic FREE

Your Half Beef Package Includes 220+ pounds of Dry Aged Beef that your entire household will love (and you'll feel good about eating)!

These boxes are a half of an entire cow- the cuts and quantity will vary slightly but they will always be a minimum of 220 pounds with the ratios of cuts below. 

  • 40% Premium Single Animal Sourced Ground Beef: in convenient 1 lb packages
  • 35% Savory Cuts: Roasts, packages of stew meat, Brisket, Short Ribs
  • 25% Steaks: Sirloins, New York Strips/Filets or T-Bone/Porterhouse, Bone-In Ribeyes, and one or two of the following 'odd cuts' too few for every box:  Skirt, Flank, Flat Iron OR Tri-Tip.

You have the option to select either NY Strips & Filets OR Porterhouse & T-Bones as well as exchanging Ground Beef for 1/3 pre-made beef patties. 

How it works: You purchase this 1/2 Beef Share today and it we'll ship it directly from our ranch to your door in 3-4 big boxes OR Pickup at the Farm for FREE. And don't worry, your beef will arrive fully frozen! Shipping as early as the following Monday.

Freezer Space: This 1/2 Beef Share will require approx. 10-12 cubic ft. of freezer space. We recommend a deep freezer for beef shares to maintain the temperature integrity and quality of the beef.

Packaging: All cuts are individually vacuum sealed and labeled.

What is included in the price? We cover all expenses - the cost of raising the cow, transportation to/from the processor, all butcher/processing costs, and extended dry-aging.

Do you have beef bones and offal available? Yes - please contact us if you'd like beef bones for broth or organ meat and we will include it for FREE with your beef share purchase. 

Helping families eat confidently with our naturally raised beef is our passion. 

Pre-made patties 1/3lb Qty 3/pack

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