Uncured Salami

Flourish & Roam

Uncured Salami

The original Soppressata flavor brings a bold flavor with a little bit of spice to elevate your next Charcuterie or cheese board. 
The newest flavor added to the collection, Finocchiona, is more mild but delivers a deep robust texture to satisfy any palate. 

No Nitrate or Nitrites Added*


Soppressata Ingredients: Flourish & Roam Pork, water, salt, white wine, dextrose, black pepper, garlic, red pepper, all spice, celery powder, lactic acid starter culture

Finocchiona Ingredients: Flourish & Roam Pork, salt, red wine, water, fennel seed, garlic, black pepper, celery powder, lactic acidosis starter culture 

Comes packaged in butcher paper. Each package weighs 5 ounces. 


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Type: Pork